Nervous About Your Root Canal? These Facts Will Ease Your Mind

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Hollywood has a long history of vilifying root canals as an excruciating procedure. A comically painful root canal even made it into “Finding Nemo.” But root canals don’t live up to their Hollywood rep: These days, they’re pain-free.

Root canals have a bad rep. Thanks to sitcoms, late-night monologues, and other Hollywood conventions (including a scene from “Finding Nemo”), root canals are almost universally understood to be extraordinarily painful. Fortunately, this is one Hollywood myth that’s just not true. Advancements in dentistry have made root canals commonplace and comfortable. 

Here at Preva Dental in San Antonio, Texas, our expert dentist Prathima Rasamsetty, DDS, specializes in comfortable, pain-free root canals. 

Our entire team works together to help you feel as relaxed as possible before and during your procedure. With that goal in mind, we’ve highlighted some facts that will help you feel less anxious before your root canal. 

Root canals don’t hurt

Dr. Rasamsetty takes great care to ensure you’re properly numbed throughout the treatment. You will feel slight pressure in your mouth during certain parts of the procedure, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

In fact, if you do feel at all uncomfortable, tell Dr. Rasamsetty. She can apply more anesthetic to ensure your root canal is pain-free. 

You don’t need to take time off

A root canal is a fairly fast and simple procedure. Most of our patients head back to their daily activities right after a root canal. Your mouth is numb for a couple of hours afterward. Eating and drinking might feel odd, but you shouldn’t need to cancel any engagements. 

Root canals are safe

Root canals are a safe and effective procedure, with a success rate of more than 95%. Your infection’s removed, your tooth’s repaired, and then it’s protected with a filling or porcelain crown. 

With proper care, your tooth can now last your lifetime. And Dr. Rasamsetty has extensive experience performing these procedures, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in seasoned hands. 

Root canals look natural

After a root canal, you’ll need either a filling or a crown to protect the treated area. We color-match the crown or filling to blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. That means the appearance of your smile won’t change after your procedure. 

We help if you’re nervous

Despite the facts, you may still feel a little anxious before getting a root canal. That’s perfectly normal. Let us know how you’re feeling, so we can offer you extra relief. Dr. Rasamsetty and our team are experts in sedation dentistry. 

If you’re anxious about your procedure, we give you medication that you take beforehand to help you relax while you’re in her dentist’s chair. If you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming root canal, talk with her about your options during your consultation. 

Are you ready for a pain-free root canal to end your dental pain and restore your tooth? Then contact our Preva Dental team by phoning us at 210-791-7826, or use our online booking tool today.