Veneers or Bonding? Which Is Best?

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Cosmetic dentistry options abound — but how do you know what’s best for correcting your smile problems? Here, we review the benefits of veneers and bonding and how they differ to help you decide which might meet your needs better.

Cosmetic dentistry options abound — but how do you know what’s best for correcting your smile problems? Dental veneers and bonding are two popular options. Why are they chosen so frequently? And could one of them be the best option for your needs? 

Dr. Prathima Rasamsetty and her team at Preva Dental in San Antonio, Texas, provide veneers and bonding among their array of cosmetic dentistry options. Let’s take a look at each to see which might benefit you. 

What’s cosmetic dental bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding uses a tooth-colored material to correct aesthetic flaws in your teeth. Dr. Rasamsetty fully customizes this treatment with pliable composite material that’s shaped to fit your individual teeth as needed.

She regularly uses this special bonding resin to repair chipped teeth, alter the shape of teeth, or fill in gaps between teeth.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are somewhat different. Instead of molding composite material to address specific concerns with your teeth, Dr. Rasamsetty uses thin porcelain shells to cover imperfections. 

These color-matched veneers are custom designed in a dental lab from molds of your teeth we take in our office. We remove a small portion of tooth enamel from each tooth getting veneers so they fit snugly and appear uniform.

When your veneers are ready, you return to our office so Dr. Rasamsetty can bond them to the front surfaces of your teeth. 

Which option is better for you?

Everyone’s smile is unique, so choosing the best option is personal. The team at Preva Dental reviews both and explains their pros and cons. 

Dental veneers


  • Veneers last longer than bonding
  • Veneers are more durable
  • Veneers can cover severe teeth problems 


  • Veneers cost more than bonding
  • Veneers require two dental visits 
  • Veneers require the removal of some tooth enamel 

Cosmetic bonding


  • Bonding is more customizable
  • Bonding is more affordable than veneers 
  • Bonding can be completed in a single visit 


  • Bonding is more prone to damage than veneers 
  • Bonding isn’t a permanent solution for smile flaws 
  • Bonding is only suitable for minor tooth issues

Dental bonding and veneers both address common smile problems like gaps, uneven teeth, chips, cracks, and deep stains.

San Antonio cosmetic dentistry 

Every person is different and has varying needs and goals for their smile. Veneers and bonding are two popular options to address smile flaws. Dr. Rasamsetty and her team at Preva Dental carefully evaluate each patient to help determine the best solution for their needs.

Let us help you resolve pesky smile problems with cosmetic dentistry options like dental veneers or bonding. Contact us today by phone or online to schedule a smile consultation in San Antonio.